The project will support the owners of travel
and tourism companies
to improve their personal and professional dimension

The ultimate goal that is intended to be achieved with this project is to create
a community, which shares best practices among the members of the acceding countries.

The Project

The Erasmus + project "The Ariadne thread of tourism"

is connected with the education of adults, since it aims to trigger a path
of change and development of a category of “adults” that until now had remained in the shadows and had not been properly protected…

Project Reference : 2021-1-IT02-KA220-ADU-000028247 – Programme Erasmus+ key action 2 COOPERATION PARTNERSHIPS IN ADULT EDUCATION Funded by
the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or
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Report of the state of the art
of tourism industry

during the crisis in Italy, Greece and Hungary The report serves to understand the real situation ...

Fact-finding survey​​ on the tourism industry

This result consists in the identification of monitoring indicators to create a cognitive surveys  through which best practices ...

BeOrganization and management model of travel & tourism organizations

With this output we intend to develop a professional training and refresher ...

New technologies for organizational management
and sharing of best practices

The ARIADNE'S THREAD OF TOURISM electronic platform will be multilingual and interactive ...

Soft skills and assessment manual​

An attractive and user-friendly manual aimed at the owners of travel and tourism agencies that will guide them in the use of management and organization ...


“The Ariadne’s thread of tourism” project pursues with the Erasmus + objectives regarding adult education and specifically:

The Developmentd

of the professional skills of people who revolve around the world of tourism and travel.


the quality of learning with new methodologies.

The expansion of knowledge

and understanding of policies and good practices in different European countries and in this case Italy, Greece and Hungary.

The initiation of changes

in terms of modernization of the tourism sector

The creation of mixed

and understanding of policies and good practices in different European countries and in this case Italy, Greece and Hungary.

Sharing of good practice

in terms of modernization of the tourism sector

The aim of “The Ariadne’s Thread of Tourism”

project is to create a community among the adults who manage travel and tourism agencies, sharing best practices among the adhering countries. This project intends to develop tools for the recognition and assessment of the skills of the owners of travel and tourism agencies through non-formal and informal learning methodologies and tools. These are soft skills necessary to find innovative solutions to face daily work, develop new opportunities and make every single organization excel.


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