A Project Transnational Meeting in Crete

On October 4, 2023, the second trasnational project meeting was held at the beautiful offices of the Cretan partner Cretatour. The meeting took place during
the whole day and allowed the project partners to discuss the development,
almost feared, of the third result and the fulfillment of the next months that will
see the realization of the e-platformlearning and handbook for tourism enterprises.

The following day, some members of the consortium had the opportunity to discuss with some small local operators the development of the tourism sector, its positive and negative effects on local economies and communities. Finally we could also visit the historic buildings that characterize the island of Crete.

A multiplier event was held in Hungary to present the results achieved so far

The multiplier event of “Ariadne’s thread of tourism”  organized by H4T took place on 5 September 2023 in the morning hours at the impressive ARCadia Hotel in downtown Budapest. 

The event was attended by people working in the tourism sector, especially in the hotel industry. 

The program started with a brunch where the participants could enjoy coffee, sweet and savoury tea cakes. 

Then the aim of Ariadne’s thread of tourism was then presented.  The presentation was interactive and provided an opportunity to reflect together on the main issues affecting the tourism sector, including the hotel industry, in the event of a potential Covid-like emergency. 

The presentation briefly summarised the findings of the report prepared in advance.

Participants were also introduced to the website ( and encouraged to follow it in the future, as it also provides useful e-learning materials to develop skills and competences.

The first two products are complete!

We are pleased to announce that the first two results of the project “Ariadne’s thread of tourism” have been completed (Result1 – Report on the state of the art of the tourism industry in Greece, Hungary and Italy, Result2 – Fact-finding survey on tourism industry in Italy, Greece and Hungary) and will be freely available for consultation and download on the e-learning platform scheduled for 2024. If you are interested in the already completed products or would like to request more information, you can contact us using the appropriate form on the site.

The first public event
of the “Ariadne’s thread
of tourism” in Greece

On 12 April 2023 the first multiplier event of the project organized by the partner Cretatour DM was held in Heraklion. The project, the partnership, the expected results and the possible synergies with Greek and Cretan tourism stakeholders were presented. The soft skills present in the Greek tourism sector were also discussed, thanks also to the data highlighted by the fact-finding survey just completed, including possible improvement strategies.