Report of the state of the art of tourism

The report serves to understand the real situation that travel agency and tourism owners are experiencing in Italy,
Greece and Hungary under different aspects (sociological, professional etc) .Several parameters will be studied and evaluated together: needs, opportunities, problems, rights and duties.

Fact-finding survey​​
on the tourism industry

This result consists in the identification
of monitoring indicators to create
a cognitive surveys through which best practices emerge and are shared between the internal associates of the adhering travel and tourism organizations and also
of the other European organizations involved.​​

Organization and management model​ of travel & tourism organizations

With this output we intend to develop a professional training and refresher course available for free in the e-platform (> Output 5), which will support Tourism companies owners in the recognition and validation of soft skills, in raising awareness of the importance that these skills have in professional life and in the recognition of informal and non-formal skills.

New technologies for organizational management and sharing of best practices

The ARIADNE'S THREAD OF TOURISM electronic platform will be multilingual
and interactive and will be used in the first instance to identify and evaluate soft skills, then it will be transformed into a learning place and will provide all the tools
to implement and develop soft skills
and to promote new ones.
It will be managed with online e-learning interactive learning methods.

Soft skills and assessment manual​

An attractive and user-friendly manual aimed at the owners of travel and tourism agencies that will guide them in the use
of management and organization tools
and in the creation of a community
to share best practices.


Here you will find the link to the platform, login is free. On the platform you can find all the educational material produced, you can take advantage of the refresher course and learn about the good practices selected by the different partners.