I-CON SRL is a business services company: we provide services to small and medium sized enterprises businesses in terms of enterprise planning, budgeting, Due diligence, accounting and business solutions. We also work on statistical surveys (data generation, cleaning and visualization) and data analysis (descriptive and multivariate analysis, clustering, previsions) and Big Data management and analysis. As we provide accounting and business solutions together with statistical surveys and analysis, our services can be applied in a load of different and various field.


FIAVET (Italian Federation of Travel and Tourism Business Associations) is the trade association par excellence of Travel Agencies and more generally of tourism companies. It was founded in February 1961 and has therefore been operating for over 56 years: it is therefore by far the most consolidated representative of Italian Travel Agents. FIAVET groups and represents in a federative logic 16 regional or supra-regional associations of travel agents, in turn divided into provincial representations, with a total coverage of the national territory. It associates about 1500 Travel Agencies and Tour Operators through its own Regionals, and therefore represents by far the most representative Association of Italian tourism distribution and production. FIAVET operates in the tourism sector as a founding member of Confturismo (Confcommercio), a Confederation which, with over 500,000 member companies, represents about three quarters of the national tourism system. FIAVET is also a founding member of EBNT (National Bilateral Tourism Organization). At the international level, FIAVET is a founding member of the European association ECTAA.


CretaTour founded in Crete in 2006 by experienced professionals and experts in the field of tourism and soon became one of the leading organizations in the island. In 2012 CretaTour creates its own offices in the island of Karpathos and this is due to the trust of our fine partners.
The ceaseless effort to better and more varied tourism products and destinations, leads us to expand to other regions of Greece, and in products such as excursions, transfers, tours, destination management, airport services, events and all tourism and hospitality services general.
Carefully selected partners such as: hoteliers, restaurants, drivers, tour guides and operators are guaranteed impeccable service throughout
the range of products offered by the company.


H4T Group will conduct ourselves with integrity, honesty, and forthrightness at all times. Our guiding principle is “Do the Right thing, Every time.”
We believe that this is the only way to be successful in the long run. Hard work and 100% effort are requirements to work here. We are dedicated
to building long term partnerships with our customers by providing exceptional support and customer service. We will help our customers
be more successful by providing excellent service and support for their critical technologies and systems. We will offer advanced technology solutions that are reliable, affordable, and easy to use.